Statewide Help


Connecting low-income Hoosiers with statewide organizations committed to providing free legal expertise, mental health services, housing assistance and more.


Counseling and Mental Health Services

For many victims of crime, the emotional repercussions can outlast any physical wounds. Be Well Indiana, a resource provided by the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, offers free counseling and mental health services to Indiana residents experiencing stress, anxiety, loneliness or other mental health strains. Services include a crisis helpline and crisis text line for individuals experiencing mental health emergencies.

Be Well Indiana’s free counseling and mental health services also include tips for achieving mental and physical well-being and reducing stress. Contact Be Well Indiana today to get the support you need to thrive.

Prosecutor’s Offices

The Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council (IPAC) is a nonpartisan, independent state judicial branch comprised of Indiana’s 91 prosecuting attorneys and their chief deputies. The organization maintains several programs designed to protect the most vulnerable Hoosiers. IPAC can help Indiana residents contact their local prosecutor’s child support office and obtain assistance applying for child support. These resources allow qualifying parents and guardians to secure financial and medical support for their children. Prosecutors can also assist by locating parents, establishing paternity, and instituting and enforcing support obligations.


Housing Assistance

Hoosiers who have fallen behind on rent or mortgage payments could qualify for assistance programs. The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) provides housing assistance to Indiana residents who meet certain qualifications. Eligibility is generally open to individuals who are behind on payments because of involuntary unemployment, underemployment, divorce, death of a spouse or medical hardship.


Through the Safe Path Home initiative, the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICDAV) is working to let survivors of domestic and dating violence, stalking, sexual assault and human trafficking know that housing help is available.

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